General development discussion

This is a general-purpose discussion list for CiviCRM development. It's a good catch-all for discussions about planning, architecture, testing, refactoring, new features, etc.

For questions and recommendations about existing features, hooks, and APIs, please use

For discussions about most bugs and patches, please use

There are also some focused lists for discussion of specific topics:

Pro-tips for developer discussions on mailing-lists:

  • Discussions about specific bugs or patches should usually go to JIRA issues or Github pull-requests. However, if something seems particularly important or broad, then you may want to share with the list. Include a link to the JIRA issue or pull-request as appropriate.
  • If you want to include code-snippets which are moderately long, consider posting through or to make the code more readable. However, those systems don't have good discussion features. Direct comments to the list.
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